Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bank Robber Christ

It started with television. Product placement. I don’t know why I shave with this shaving cream. Or why I shave at all. That man is so pretty. Such soft skin. Cock out, few strokes necessary. I think these are bedsores.

Too many Doritos. I should go outside. Skirts have gotten to be so short. Sucking the cheese dust off my fingers. Need to cut nails. What’s the point? Short skirts. Fuck it.

When you mean it, no drama, just action: sharp blade, soft wrist, soft cock. Few strokes necessary. He knew nobody would come looking for him. He laughed at the idea of his neighbors shrugging off the horrid smell for several days. Temperament awkward and honest as holy blood bled.

Three days later he woke up smiling, but still hadn’t realized who he was.


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